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20 Delicious Recipes Using Sweet Red Wine

There’s no better way to put your leftover sweet red wine to use than cooking up something delicious!

These 20 recipes are perfect for getting rid of that last bit of sweet red wine that’s no good to drink anymore or if someone gifted you a surplus and you’re not sure how you’re going to use it all.

Because we’ve all been there: maybe you threw a party and got sweet wine for the ONE friend that actually drinks it. Maybe someone gave you a few bottles of the sweet stuff as a gift, even though you can’t really stand to drink it. Or maybe sweet red wine IS your jam, but you can’t find a way to finish a bottle before it goes bad. (I’ve never had that problem, but I can assume it’s a thing.)

Although sweet wine isn’t always the best for cooking, there are a wide range of sweet and savory recipes out there to help you make the most of your leftover vino.

This list includes everything from chicken dishes to decadent desserts to delicious slushies and cocktails. Some of these recipes call for port, but explicitly mention that any sweet red wine will do.

So let’s get right into it!

And there you have it! Which one of these recipes have you rethinking sweet red wine? Do you have your own recipes that use sweet red wine? Tell me about it in the comment section below!

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