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Bota Box Nighthawk Black Red Blend Honest Review: I Tried Every Boxed Wine So You Don’t Have To

Bota Box Nighthawk Black Red Blend

My honest review of Bota Box Nighthawk Black Red Blend.

This is a series of posts designed to help you choose the right boxed wine for you. No one would ever pay me to write about this, so you can rest assured my opinions are unbiased.

Overall value of the wine is primarily graded by taste and the number of ice cubes needed to make it drinkable. Wines are rated on a grading scale of F to A+.

So join me as I suffer through three liters of every Black Box, Bota, Barefoot, etc and take myself way too seriously. 

Bota Box Nighthawk Black Red Blend Honest Review


Price Range:


HELLO SPOOKINESS! I actually love this design and am a total sucker for anything that I can feel festive drinking during the Halloween season.

It’s easy enough to pour and open, though not quite as easy as Black Box wine. This is insanely nitpicky, but the pour button is low key much more difficult to push, and over the course of three liters that can lead to more than one tiff with the ol’ boxy.


Surprisingly nice! Dark fruits with a good acidity. There’s a nice smokiness that I was not expecting.

It’s definitely dry, but leans heavily toward “jammy” and almost tastes a little bit like juice. This would usually be a red flag for me, but the acidity totally balances out the jamminess and makes it insanely drinkable while not being cloying.

Another thing: this wine is ACTUALLY full-bodied, which I’ve found in my studies is rare for boxed wine. Usually they end up being a bit thin, but this one is pretty rich (as advertised) and has a decent structure for a box o’ wine.


1 small ice cube is a nice addition if it’s been sitting at room temp.


The website suggests beef curry, which I can definitely see as the fruitiness of the wine would balance out the heat of a curry. I also think it’d be nice with a simple spaghetti or even a blackberry pie. Pretty versatile all in all.

Overall Value: A-

It’s definitely one of the more successful red blends I’ve had from a box and I will absolutely be returning to it when the spooky season comes a knockin’.

If you like big, bold reds that aren’t bone dry, you’ll enjoy sipping on this in front of a fireplace or wherever else you like to get your wine box on.

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Judy K Berg

Friday 17th of September 2021

Just one comment. The scene on the bottom of the box showing the mountains etc, looks like the red wine is seeping through. It is very dark, and at first glance I thought the wine was leaking through and the bladder had broken. I'd change that a bit if possible. Thanks for hearing me out. Judy B. I love boxed wine.

Rachel J

Wednesday 12th of January 2022

Definitely a fair critique!