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12 Top Passionfruit Vodka Cocktails

Kick this summer off with some fruity and tropical passionfruit vodka cocktails! From tasty martinis to unique riffs on classic drinks, there’s a fun passionfruit and vodka cocktail for every occasion and palate.

A yellow passionfruit vodka cocktail on a table garnished with raspberries on a cocktail pick

What could be better when it’s hot outside than a refreshing cocktail that combines smooth, crisp vodka with tangy, tropical passionfruit!? These drinks all use either passionfruit-flavored vodka or pair passionfruit with plain or flavored vodka, making them ideal for summertime sipping! I’ve included a wide variety of cocktails ranging from sweet and fruity to dry and potent, but the one thing they all have in common is they highlight the unique flavor of passionfruit. Whether you already know and love passionfruit or are just looking for a fun summertime cocktail, I’m confident everyone can find a drink that’s perfect for them in this roundup!

So without further ado, let’s get transported to a tropical paradise by some tasty cocktails!

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12 Top Passionfruit Vodka Cocktails