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21 Best Tart Cherry Juice Cocktails

Love tart, tangy, and fruity drinks? Then you need to check out these tart cherry juice cocktails! From cherry-flavored riffs on classic cocktails to unique frozen drinks to summery fizzes, there’s a delicious cocktail that highlights tart cherry juice for every occasion and palate.

A tart cherry juice vodka cocktail in a glass and pitcher garnished with mint and cherries.

Tart cherry juice is a fantastic way to add the tangy flavor of sweet and sour cherries to your cocktails! Recently, tart cherry juice has become super trendy thanks to people on social media singing its praises as a sleep aid. Since its packed with antioxidants, it’s also said to have other health benefits, like helping with post-exercise muscle recovery and inflammation. Most importantly though, it’s a delicious, super versatile mixer that works wonderfully with pretty much every type of spirit! So if you like drinks that are bright and tangy, tart cherry juice is about to become your new favorite cocktail ingredient.

Tart cherry juice vs black cherry juice

It’s important to draw a distinction between tart cherry juice and black cherry juice, because they taste really different.

Tart cherry juice is made with Montmorency cherries, which are also referred to as sour cherries, while black cherry juice is made with sweeter black cherries. So as you can imagine, tart cherry juice is more sour in taste, and black cherry juice is sweeter.

All of these recipes expressly call for tart cherry juice, so make sure you’re buying a bottle that has “tart cherry juice” specified on the label. Otherwise, the drink will come out tasting very different than it’s supposed to.

Now, on to the best tart cherry juice cocktails!

21 Best Tart Cherry Juice Cocktails