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10 Unique Gifts for the Wine Lover Who Has Everything

As someone with a ton of wine-loving friends, I know how hard it can be to find unique wine gifts.

When you search the internet for gift guides, it tends to be the same stemless wine glasses or engraved cork screws over and over and over again, so I wanted to give world the unique gift guide for wine lovers that it needs!

I’ve compiled ten of my favorite gifts for wine-os who already have everything into a comprehensive list. These are perfect for Christmas, birthdays, or if you just want to show your loved ones you appreciate them as much as they appreciate wine.

And there you have it: the ten most unique wine gifts on the internet or at a Kohl’s near you. I also want to give an honorable mention to this puppy or kitten wine holder that I couldn’t bring myself to actually put in the top ten, but I thought deserved some form of recognition.

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