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The Ultimate Halloween Drinking Game For Wine Lovers

If you love Halloween, wine, and gamifying your drinking, this is the perfect party game for you!

It’s a HIGHLY modified version of the game of Werewolf — also known as Mafia — with far more drinking, and it’s a super fun wine drinking game to get into the Halloween spirit.

Wine Werewolf Materials

If you aren’t familiar with the game Werewolf, each person gets a card that tells them if they’re a werewolf (the bad guy) or a townsperson. Then the werewolves try to kill townspeople without getting caught, and everyone tries to figure out who is a Werewolf and who isn’t.

If this sounds too complicated, don’t worry, Wine Werewolf is MUCH simpler. For Wine Werewolf, all you need are the following.

Wine Werewolf Materials:

  • Wine (If you’re looking for a wine that will really get everyone in the Halloween spirit, here’s a list of 10 spooky bottles of wine that you should be able to find at any grocery store near you)
  • Friends (at least 4)
  • Ingredients to make a “poison”, aka: any gross hard liquor or terrible concoction (my favorite is Fernet or Creme de Menthe… anything works, just don’t kill anyone)
  • Opaque cups
  • A deck of cards
  • More wine

This variation of the game works for all versions of Werewolf, whether you’re using a regular deck of cards, the official Werewolf deck of cards with characters, or the Werewolf game app. The only added step is that Werewolves drink “poison” in order to make them easier to identify and non-Werewolves drink wine in order to get wine drunk.

So this version makes figuring out the Werewolf’s identity exponentially easier, which might be necessary if you drink like me and my friends do.

You’re welcome to combine my version and the normal version of the game — it would work the same way. But personally, I like to keep it simple.

Wine Werewolf Set Up

  1. Get everyone to sit around the table. Make sure each person has an opaque cup assigned to them.
  2. Put the opened bottle of wine and “poison” on the table.
  3. Have a glass of wine for each person. Because… why not.

How to Play Wine Werewolf

  1. The moderator deals a card face down to each person. Spades are Werewolves. Every other suit is a normal powerless townsperson. Players then look at their card.
  2. The moderator tells everyone to put their heads down and close their eyes. It’s “nighttime” now.
  3. The moderator tells all Werewolves (i.e. players with Spades) to rise. Werewolves put their heads up and silently point to one victim to kill. They must agree on the victim.
  4. After choosing a victim, the Werewolves put their heads back down and the moderator pours the poison for the now identified Werewolves and the wine for the townspeople. This is where it gets fun. I recommend a shot’s amount per person, but you do you.
  5. When the moderator finishes pouring, they tell everyone to wake up and reveal who was killed during the night by the Werewolves.
  6. Everyone then drinks the cup in front of them and tries to deduce who the Werewolves are by seeing a.) Who was chosen as the victim and b.) Who is grimacing the most while drinking
  7. Finally, the entire group — including the hidden, unidentified Werewolves — must decide on one person to accuse of being a Werewolf each round. If a Werewolf is found, they are eliminated and the victim lives. If no Werewolves are found, the victim dies and is eliminated.

And that’s it! Play until everyone is eliminated. This game is super fun with a normal deck of cards, because if no one gets a spade, there aren’t any Werewolves, and if everyone gets a spade, everyone is a Werewolf. Hilarious confusion ensues. Happy hunting and drinking, my spooky friends!

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