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The Official Hocus Pocus 2 Drinking Game

Our favorite three witches are back and better than ever! Dost thou comprehend??? HOCUS POCUS 2 IS HERE!!!

That’s right: the Sanderson Sisters have returned to the big screen almost 30 years later in an all-new and heavily anticipated spook-tacular adventure.

I won’t give away any spoilers, but I do want to promise that if you love Hocus Pocus, the new film does not disappoint. It’s the Sanderson Sisters at their best, and you can tell it’s made with nothing but love for the fans. Self-aware, hilarious, and surprisingly heart warming.

As for the Hocus Pocus 2 drinking game I conjured up based on years of being a super fan, let’s just say it would even make Winifred, Sarah, and Mary a bit wobbly on their broomsticks (or vacuums…).

By the way, if you’re having a viewing party with both movies, I have you covered! Here’s a drinking game for the first Hocus Pocus movie that will have you running amok all night long. Is there some overlap between the two? Of course! But the movies are super different, so you need both drinking games — trust me.

But look at me rambling on… daybreak is nigh! Let’s jump right into this drinking game, sistahhhhs!

PS: If you need something fun to drink while watching the movie, check out these super festive and deliciously witchy Hocus Pocus themed cocktails!

Take One Sip When

  • A reference is made to the first film (this one alone is enough to make up a full drinking game, so be careful here 😂)
  • Someone casts a spell (real or fake)
  • Winifred says “Sistahs!”
  • Someone says “Sanderson Sisters”
  • Someone says “Salem”
  • Someone says “Traske”
  • Someone mentions a birthday
  • Someone mentions the black flame candle
  • Book suddenly opens its eye

Take Two Sips When

  • There’s a flashback in time OR to the first movie
  • Someone says “Magicae Maxima”
  • Someone says Billy Butcherson’s full name
  • Someone mentions a potion ingredient
  • There’s a sweeping aerial camera shot
  • You see a black cat
  • The witches misunderstand something about the modern world
  • Book changes hands from one person to another

Finish Your Drink When

  • The witches enter into a musical number
  • The witches are thwarted by salt

Alas, that’s a wrap! Wishing you all a fun and magical Halloween, my witchy friends!