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12 Mr Black Coffee Liqueur Cocktails To Perk Up Your Daily Grind

If you love cold brew, prepare to be obsessed with these Mr Black Coffee Liqueur cocktails! From the classic espresso martini to more unique coffee-inspired drinks, these delicious Mr Black cocktail recipes will have you buzzing in more than one way and become your new favorite thing.

A bottle of Mr Black next to a White Russian cocktail.

These cocktail recipes all have one thing in common: they use the super tasty Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur as a main ingredient.

If you haven’t had Mr Black before, get ready to have your life changed. Compared to other coffee liqueurs, it has half the sugar and about 10 times the caffeine, so it tastes just like boozy cold brew.

There’s a good reason it’s the #1 coffee liqueur choice for bartenders and cocktail aficionados: it’s delicious, well-balanced, and works wonderfully in a wide range of cocktail recipes.

Mr Black Coffee Liqueur FAQ

What does Mr Black taste like?

Like I said, Mr Black pretty much tastes like boozy cold brew. On the nose, you’ll get chocolate, roasted coffee, and earthy notes. Tastewise, it’s dry with flavors of bitter espresso, more roasted coffee, and a hint of vanilla and chocolate.

What type of alcohol is in Mr Black?

Mr Black is made with Australian wheat vodka. The other three ingredients are coffee, water, and sugar.

What’s the ABV of Mr Black?

It’s 25% ABV. So it’s a little stronger than Kahlua, which is 20%, but not nearly as strong as plain vodka.

How much caffeine is in Mr Black?

Mr Black is the most caffeinated coffee liqueur on the market, with 1100mg of caffeine per liter.

How much does Mr Black Cost?

Mr Black is not too expensive, but it also isn’t cheap. It costs around $30 for 750ml, but this price will vary slightly depending on your state.

Is Mr Black vegan?

Yes! Mr Black is vegan, gluten-free, and certified kosher.

Does Mr Black need to be refrigerated?

It doesn’t have to be refrigerated, but it tastes best when it’s cold. It is boozy cold brew, after all!

Is Mr Black sweet?

Mr Black has half the sugar of other coffee liqueurs and is best described as bittersweet.

Mr Black vs Kahlua

Some of the most common questions about Mr Black revolve around how it compares to other coffee liqueurs, especially Kahlua.

Kahlua is perhaps the most popular coffee liqueur on the market, but it’s different from Mr Black in almost every aspect and the following are the key differences.

Caffeine Content

While Mr Black has 1100mg of caffeine per liter, Kahlua only has 100mg of caffeine per liter. This means Mr Black has 10x more caffeine than Kahlua!


Kahlua is made with Arabica coffee, sugar, vanilla, and rum. Mr Black is also made with Arabica coffee, but it has about half the sugar of Kahlua and instead of rum, it contains Australian wheat vodka.

So Kahlua is going to be sweeter and rum-based with notes of vanilla, while Mr Black is bittersweet and vodka-based.


Kahlua has strong notes of coffee and vanilla and is sweet and creamy in texture, while Mr Black is more bitter and tastes like actual cold brew.

Mr Black vs Kahlua: Which is better?

Ultimately, they’re very different products and the only real similarity is they’re made with coffee. So it comes down to your personal preferences!

If you like sweeter drinks, stick with Kahlua. If you want a little more bitterness and nuance in your coffee cocktails though, Mr Black is the clear choice.

Now without further ado, let’s check out these bad-to-the-bean Mr Black cocktails!

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12 Mr Black Coffee Liqueur Cocktails To Perk Up Your Daily Grind

I can’t even espresso how excited I am to try some of these cocktails. (Sorry, had to!) Which of these Mr Black cocktails do you want to whip up next?

And if you have a favorite cocktail that uses Mr Black as a main ingredients, let me know in the comment section below!